Actual Projects 2018

Validation of a food frequency questionnaire for the assessment of n-3 fatty acid intake in Switzerland, Dr. Isabelle Herter-Aeberli
Prospective study of inflammatory diet patterns and cognition among European seniors? Dr. Patricia Orializ CHOCANO Bedoya
Development of a novel 129l tracer method to quantify iodine absorption, retention and excretion in humans, Dr. Valeria Galetti
Stürme, Seuchen, Spekulanten. Antike Beurteilungen der Ursachen von Versorgungsengpässen in Rom, Thomas Gartmann
Neural Self-Manipulation of Food Reward (NeuroFoodReg), Prof. Wolfgang Langhans
Steroidhormone in der peripheren und zentralen Kontrolle des Essverhaltens bei Frauen, Prof.Dr. Brigitte Leeners
Quantifying dietary iron balance in young Swiss women using the novel dilution of body iron stable isotopic method, Dr. Diego Moretti
Neurobiologische funktionelle Bildgebung von Hunger bei normal-gewichtigen und adipösen Patienten, Herr PD. Dr. med. Jochen Mutschler
Health promotion functionality of cereal beta-glucan: is it about viscosity after all? Prof. Dr. Laura Nyström
Grant for a PhD-Programme (Doctorat en nutrition) at the Université Laval, Quebec, Canada, Ludivine Soguel Alexander
Effects of varying iron status, obesity and pregnancy on plasma hepcidin and iron absorption, Nicole Stoffel

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